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"Take a student, place him in a situation of moderate uncertainty about some topic and get out of his way while he gets excited and attentive and directs his exploration to the source of his uncertainty. Moreover, research has demonstrated that he will enjoy his exploration and the accumulation of knowledge."

--Hy Day, from "Curiosity and the Interested Explorer," 1982, p.19.

Curious Reflections on 21-st Century Learning


DISCLAIMER: THIS IS NOT A BLOG. A blog would require more responsibility. At first, I thought it would be a blog. I've changed my mind. I guess I'm just not responsible enough to keep it up. A blog requires commitment and while I want to commit and thought I would, it just didn't happen. So, I will continue to enjoy other people's blogs, make comments on them, and retweet them, but I will simply use this page for my occasional musings about learning motivation, technology, and learner needs across different age groups. Even though this is NOT a blog, I welcome comments and contributions.

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