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Recent Publication! CREATIVE READING: The Antidote to Readicide co-authored with Ruth V. Small (2011). Read the article.


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"Take a student, place him in a situation of moderate uncertainty about some topic and get out of his way while he gets excited and attentive and directs his exploration to the source of his uncertainty. Moreover, research has demonstrated that he will enjoy his exploration and the accumulation of knowledge."

--Hy Day, from "Curiosity and the Interested Explorer," 1982, p.19.

Curiosity and motivation are integral to learning and creativity.


In today's world, individuals also need 21st-century skills and dispositions to thrive.  That is why you will see that much of my work integrates these critical areas.


My name is Dr. Marilyn P. Arnone and I am a research professor and professor of practice at Syracuse University's School of Information Studies. more

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